• I turned 15 today.
    I hated it
    I was missing only one thing
    My brother

    My brother died yesterday
    A car was speeding
    My brother was crushed
    And so was my spirit

    I recived a call
    In a dark room
    My cell phone was dying
    And so was my soul

    A cruel shallow voice was speaking
    It was Satin
    He was saying you brothers gone
    He belongs to me

    I cried with my strength
    all I had left
    My tears flew silently down
    And than a hand caught them

    My brother was there
    not alive but there
    he reached for me
    and than was gone.

    I went to the kitchen
    Pulled a knife
    Stabbed my heart
    Thinking I would see my brother again

    I woke up in fire, being creamated and burnt
    The fire was abrupting around me
    I was sufficating
    I was dying again

    It was only the path through hell
    trying to get to heaven
    The lord reached down
    almost there

    I was pulled down by a fire hand
    I killed myself
    I was a sinner
    I was going back down

    So I hated my 15 birthday
    Because I died
    Lost my brother
    And Perished