• The angels celbrate this one sad day,

    The day the beloved man is to enter their gates.

    Ascend to the skys,

    Float on the clouds.

    They shine down from the heavens,

    Not a tear on their cheeks,

    Not a sob in their throats,

    Not a break in their hearts.

    They blow down on us,

    Trying to dry our cheeks,

    Mend our hearts,

    Warm our bodies.

    They tell us to celebrate his life,

    Not mourn his death,

    Not cry at his grave,

    Nor break to pieces.

    They tell us we will see him again,

    Converse with him,

    Here his voice.

    This man made too much of an impoact,

    To be gone from our lives forever.

    Gerald Ford.

    (July 14, 1913 - December 26, 2006)