• People will ask you
    and people have asked me,
    If you could have one wish,
    what would it be?

    Money, only riches,
    the poor man says.

    Youth, to be young again,
    the old man says.

    Life, for my husband to live again,
    the widow says.

    But wishes,
    as wishes are,
    do not always go well.

    The poor man wanted money,
    so he'll have it.
    But riches in the opinion of who?
    Of the poor man of course,
    and to him, let one thousand dollars be all the riches he needs.
    And there goes his wish.

    The old man wanted youth,
    so it shall be.
    He'll return to the most 'youthful' stage in his life,
    a new-born child.
    But does the old man have family left to care for him?

    The widow wanted life to her husband,
    a good wish indeed.
    Let him live as she last remembered him:
    cold and blue and stiff as a board.

    So when you're asked,
    and when they ask me,
    if you could have one wish,
    what would it be?
    We'll kindly reply as you look at me,
    Well if I had to say what my wish would be,
    I'd have to wish that you wouldn't ask me.