• When i look into your eyes
    its like looking into the clear blue sky
    and when you hold my hand
    it feels so right
    when im in your arms
    i don't want to leave
    when we are alone
    i have no dout in my mind
    that your the one for me
    the one i want to be with
    but when your with your friends
    you become someone different
    not the one i love
    nor the person who sweeps me off my feet
    what causes you to change so drastickly
    and be that different man
    for i have no idea what makes that change in you
    but i hope you know it tears me up inside
    to see you act that way
    just when i think you are out of arms reach
    and you are gone forever
    you remember that i am here
    you run back to me
    then slowly walk away again
    stringing me along
    with what you want
    and every time i tell myself
    that i will leave the next time you do this
    something seams to keep me hear
    waiting for you to come back
    and hoping that this time
    you wont leave
    but you always do
    and i just let you
    tears running down my face
    and a heart that is so close
    to be being permanently broken
    and now i wait
    for you to leave me hear