• What's the big deal?
    He dumped you, so what?
    You sing a sad song
    and write worse words
    You portray the way you feel...
    with verbal vomit.

    Pour out your broken heart
    onto an empty page.
    So what?
    Some people think, "Hey! She can WRITE!"
    I bet this makes you feel smart.
    But, anyone with an artist's keen eye can see
    it's just a bunch of verbal vomit.

    It makes me feel SICK
    to think that anyone could be so THICK
    as to THINK that what you wrote was a work of ART.
    I knew right away that your "words from the heart"
    were only a huge chunk of disgusting verbal vomit.

    A REAL writer knows that this is an art
    to produce poetry you need some time and some smarts
    Rewrite, after rewrite, after rewrite...
    And there! It's not perfect.
    But it's a good start.

    But, I beg you, PLEASE!
    For the sake of art,
    produce something more then worthless verbal vomit!