• What is this? Is this me?
    This awful thing is truthfully, sworn to be,
    something that is taking over-
    This, is this you?
    Are you telling me that we are just another one,
    of those damned couples standing on a line, to wait,
    where we will cherish all the moments,
    good and bad,
    cold and sad,
    when you made me mad
    I’d cry, those days and nights a sorrow,
    endless, bleeding from my heart
    was the memory, of your face,
    your pale white hands,
    that held mine oh so tightly,
    against your chest.
    Where that key,
    that key I lost so many years ago,
    will never be found unless you let me go…
    down away from heaven.
    Down away from heaven.
    Down away from heaven.
    Up there is where I want to go!