• is this all?
    a disapointing mess
    going through the hall
    full of gossip and stress

    you hold your own
    fight your own battles
    and when somethings wrong
    dont dare tell or be shunned cuz you tattled

    they call it a social life?
    when your not cool, more like social death
    your mid clouded with suicidal strife
    you wonder why you're living talking waisting your breath?

    most of us are reclusive
    told so manny times
    that telling our feelings is stupid
    feeling as thought being emotional is a crime

    falling apart inside
    constanly wondering why?
    most times I holf it in, like a receting tide
    then it over flows and it makes me cry

    Now i sit all by my self
    writing this poem looking at the snow
    dubbed the "child of hell"
    sitting here all alone

    feeling like an EMO
    saddness overwelms me
    my heart black and cold
    my sad emotion I won't let you see

    very few care about me
    keeping my emotions losked it in a safe
    I need to find the key
    taking this at my own pace