• It hurts to breath,
    it burns with every breath
    when I chough, it feels
    as if my throught is being
    scratched raw

    I want it to stop hurting
    but I don’t know how
    I try to scream in pain
    but it burns even more
    my voice, it is scratchy

    My throught feels as if
    it is completly raw
    and bleeding, deep red
    blood, now it is painful
    to even take the living

    I take one but painful
    breath more to live
    then I wisper in pain
    to my friend next to me
    “It hurts to breath, I
    would be out of pain
    if I stopped breathing.”

    “No don’t. Please don’t.”
    My friend says pleading
    “Even if it is painful to
    breath, you life means
    more than you think, to
    you, to your family, to
    your friends, to me. Please
    keep breathing no matter how
    much it hurts. Please don’t.”

    I take life giveing, but painful
    breaths. I cough agean
    facing the feeling of the
    scratching, bleeding, pain
    of it. “Please don’t
    give up.” he says agean.
    I close my eyes, look down
    and for the first time I
    smile. He grabs on to my
    hand and holds it untill
    I open my eyes agean.

    “What is it?” he asks
    worried of what I may
    be thinking about.
    “Pleas tell me, I need to
    know.”he said then I
    looked up at him.
    I take a breath and this
    time no more the feeling
    of bleeding in my throught

    “It doesn’t hurt.” I said
    smiling. “The scratching,
    the bleeding, the pain.
    Gone, the bleeding,
    scratching, rawness, gone.
    Have I died?” I asked.

    “No you didn’t die,
    you didn’t give up.”
    He said then started
    huggung me.