• I'm like a line from an Indie movie at the back of the store
    that only stoners and geeks dare to watch,
    and rarely understand.

    I am bent but not broken,
    bruised but not beaten,
    I can love and I have hated,
    but in the end I've been there,
    done that,
    and you'll have to scrap the bottom of the barrel to get to me buddy.
    I've changed myself a 1000 times and I still don't know who I am,
    So how could you?

    Don't give me that glittery eye,
    and those butterflies in my stomach are from far too many drink,
    not your manly grip on my throat as I get off yet again,
    I've seen your kind before,
    and he's laying in the graveyard now,
    can't take back my mistakes,
    no use in preventing them from happening again,
    because today will always turn into yesterday,
    and I can look you in the eyes and say I'm sorry,
    with big brown eyes all watered up and a push up bra to remind you of what you'll leave behind.
    I've got no intention of changing any time soon,
    but it's later now and I'm bald with eye patch on today and my nails are covered with green paint,
    I'll leave chips all across your back.

    King me,
    I've doubled my bet
    and I'll not walk out of this bar an empty woman,
    sunrise is going to come too soon and all I want is the darkness
    so you can't see the bruises on my thighs.