• Regret

    You may think that you understand,
    But it is you who are blinded,
    Another witness of false hope,
    You do not see such pain in this.

    For you are but an outsider,
    You do so understand me not,
    I am but broken inside now,
    And you said this you understood.

    But no, you haven't felt the same,
    You are not I, incompetent,
    I wish you would just go away,
    I never hope to see your face.

    I'm hurt, can't you see, I can't explain,
    Such pain is indescribable,
    It makes me sick to think of you,
    So please just leave, and don't come back.

    All those days you left me here,
    I gave you all, my everything,
    You took it all away and left,
    And then returned, but just for more.

    This time I won't give in to you,
    I'll send you off, if on my own,
    I'll throw you out, just as you did,
    And show you cruelty, you'll regret.

    Dearest, let us both regret,
    Times well lost and forgotten,
    Love not shared, destroyed by us,
    We will wish we'd changed our ways.

    You have made me so different,
    I loved you then, and now I hate,
    Optimistic to destructive,
    Grievous thoughts have conquered mine.

    Now I say goodbye forever,
    If you won't go, then I will leave,
    You cannot follow me again,
    For I am done, this is the end.