• White light shines in through
    the ever-darkening crevice,
    the same dreams run through
    my eyes over and over again.
    A bluish-green flame appears
    in front of me, fading, wavering
    as if hope is about to fall into Her
    deep sleep again.
    Her despair, Her exhaustion.
    Suddenly, the flame explodes
    into the color of red.
    The flame, so red and fiery, like
    the fierceness of a snarling beast.
    The red, the shade of crimson blood
    spattering on the pure white snow.
    Does the red light announce the end,
    will the peace we've all dreamt of come?
    Will tomorrow arrive?
    My heavy, sleepless tired eyes open.
    Ominous thoughts flow into my mind.
    I was born with the glorious gift of life,
    and yet, something of mines, a gift;
    the gift of my reason.
    Why was I given the gift of Life?
    Was I born into this world for the sake of
    accomplishing something, or nothing?
    I offer my prayers to the gods, but alas, I
    get no answer, nor do my
    requests get through to them.
    Black ebony wings extend, wavering in the
    darkness. And the flawless, uncaring pain of
    my seperation, my isolation, could not be shown still.
    You, my dear, gave me memories I refuse and do not wish to lose.
    But you speak, with no warmth coming from your eyes
    and say "Forget me."
    The next time awake from my nightmare,
    flee from my arms and disappear.
    Forget me, forget me like you said before to me.
    Until the day my soul returns to the
    sky and my body turns to ashes,
    let me hear your sweet voice crying
    in a hoarse whisper, you screamed, "Don't die."
    How many times do I have to tell you not to beg and
    cry for me? How much time do I have to remain in
    this world? Is this the day of my last moment?
    I clutch feebly on Life's ropes and fall.
    Although I still want to stay in you,
    inside your heart, your thoughts....
    Even though, this kind of emotion will disappear.