• Every night I shed a tear
    Wishing for what we could be
    Holding my breath as I pray
    God, please just let him be happy
    I know you don't think of me
    It's no surprise if I've never crossed your mind
    With each passing day
    Farther and farther we become
    Even as I pass you
    My heart skips a beat
    Who would've knew
    It would be me
    Falling for a guy like you
    You hide beneath the hard exterior
    Keeping everyone at bay
    Always a smile on your face
    Until no one is looking
    Then it all seems to fade away
    Sure you've got the looks
    The smile and charisma
    You bring a smile to my face
    Just as easily as you make me cry
    So why can't it be true?
    Why can't it be me and you?
    One chance is all I'm asking
    If you can stick with me
    I'll stick with you