• It is black bear o'clock
    when the nightmare stalks
    dormeurs like you, little
    conjuring head. I will stay
    here tonight, blow the dust
    from your lashes, I'll lullaby bears
    from your willow branch bed.
    Before I knew you,
    I was like you, I was loved, too,
    in this same bed. It was black
    bear o'clock, and with no one
    beside me, the bear bit
    the veins in my neck.

    Sommeil, speak, I
    hear you, your lisping
    and lusting, your syllables
    gusting, and mutterings hued.
    And I will not sing
    any earthly thing. I will not
    tell you the country
    you live in. Just stay in
    your elsewhere and no one
    will hear us. It's black
    bear o'clock, sleep as long as you're
    able. There's no one else here I
    would ever let wake you