• Our love is forever,
    'Tis never,
    We shall part.

    Do not weep, my dear,
    Push away your fear,
    The jaws of death will come,
    It will hurt some.

    Dance with me,
    through the night,
    For I let you see the light.

    For the light,
    Look upon the moon,
    Oh how it shone,
    Her silvery hair,
    I knew you cared.

    'Tis our love will not die,
    And when you cry,
    Look upon the starry sky.

    'Tis long and dreary, my song,
    To last centries long,
    Full of courage,
    Full of love,
    Let the blood lay upon my glove,
    As the knife,
    Perces me,
    My true love,
    As my cracked lips reach for you,