• Stale has invention become,
    Yet strong science does yet to create,
    wonder upon endless ages,
    sometimes dream of new worlds,
    Why I speak only one guess why,
    so when words do flow from silent mouths,
    we neither hear nor care,
    yet sadly we just wouldn't even know,
    it is no one's fault,
    yet all of it is,
    notions are broken,
    ideals are never true,
    but life is a lie,
    that is truth complete,
    tears fall,
    and smile are shown,
    sometimes real,
    sometimes for show,
    Sit never,
    sit here on a bed of needles,
    so where do we go,
    in circles,
    in circles,
    stand everywhere with the sword of emotion,
    stand alone,
    against good,
    against evil,
    because neither exist,
    only in one's mine does the enemy become a side,
    words forgotten,
    truth hidden,
    Good and evil gone at last,
    so that the world will see,
    all things are,
    are choices,
    and choices are not ever right or wrong,
    just done with certain results,
    that we never seem to know,
    so shower the blood,
    the ice of pure water,
    listen to the ears of silence,
    and begin the world,
    so that end may come...