• As the flower wilts through out time
    So does ones heart
    If the darkness overcomes the heart
    It is lost
    But there is darkness within every heart
    But dont be sad, the light overcomes the dark
    For the light is strong and the dark weak
    But the dark is easy to follow for its path is wide and captivating
    And the light is always there but its path is long and narrow
    This is why many hearts fall into the darkness
    The light blinds thed creatures and harms them for the dark is selfish
    And the light is kind and loving,but the dark is evil
    And many hearts are born in this and never see the light
    For there master is a heartless idol and they are with a sad fate
    But the light will always be there and shining ready to heal and save the creatures from the dark
    And all that follow the light shall live forever