• “My Love Is Dead”
    I love him
    But he doesn’t love me
    I would give my life for him and do anything just 2 be with him
    I know he don’t feel the same about me
    I’ve tried my hardest
    But u can’t make someone fall in love with u
    The only one I care about
    The one that stayed in my heart
    All my love belonged 2 him and he stole my heart
    I trusted him that he wouldn’t be the one 2 break it
    But he did </3
    I’ve tried
    I’ve failed
    From the reason that I’m so stupid
    Is the reason my heart is broken
    My heart and all my love is dead
    Every time he rejects me
    My heart breaks more
    There is nothing left in my heart but bad memories and scares that will never leave or be forgotten
    All I feel on the inside is misery and dead
    U wish u were dead…
    But all u really want is 2 be saved
    Its 2 late 4 me
    I can’t be saved
    I love him and ill love him even after my death…
    But he might be the reason 4 my death….