• Broken,
    across the floor.
    And you know I could never ask for more.
    Love is fear here,
    in this supposed home.
    I can't see
    what my life would be
    without you anymore.
    All my dreams
    you've crushed them
    in your hands
    never once did you try to understand.
    ~Never ever~
    Can it be this way?
    I don't know that I believe when you say
    you love me.
    ~Cause you don't~
    Baby all this hurt is taking it's toll,
    those lines of yours are getting old.
    I think it's time we ended here
    I'm tired of this hurt my dear.
    ~I'm tired of it!~
    Love can only go so far,
    so tonight I won't pray you don't go to the bar.
    ~Go on ahead~
    Baby, I'll be gone;
    when you get home,
    don't bother callin'
    I won't pick up my phone.
    ~I won't I won't~
    And I'm done.
    With you,
    and all the s**t
    you put me through.
    ~I'm done, I'm gone~
    So far gone,
    yeah I'm so far gone...