• Save some room for me in your heart,
    Even though we're gonna be far apart,
    You'll have many other friends,
    The goods times will never end,
    If you need me, I'll be here,
    With all those good times that we shared,
    In the room you saved for me in your heart.

    I saved some room in my heart for you,
    And I believe there's a reason for this too,
    You can further your choice of career and I can determine mine,
    And one day soon we'll meet again, after all that time.
    We'll catch up like old friends do, and chat til late at night,
    And when we look back we can say "My friend, you were right."

    Who knows about what? and who knows why?
    All that will matter are the bonds between you and I.
    Over time and season they cannot break, iron coated and steel bound,
    Nothing on earth can erase this friendship, and in it the new lives we have found.