• (Verse 1)
    Everything so new to me
    Oh how time is slippin
    Its really hard to see
    But my mind is sayin

    I'm not commin home
    I'm not commin home
    no way, oooooohhhhhh
    I'm not commin home
    Maybe tomorrow, but
    not today, oh
    I'm not commin hoooooome (x2)

    (Verse 2)
    Cant ya see im yearnin
    Cant ya see im hurtin
    Cant ya see im learnin
    Something new about myself
    I'v tried to impress
    I've tried my very best
    to be like the rest
    But only cause a bad rep



    (Verse 3)
    I've already shown
    I'm already grown
    I've already Should've been
    But in the state mind
    But it twist and it twine
    memories like wine
    the sweetes taste
    take you back to a place
    that you wanna go back
    But NOOOOOOT Me(x2)
    Wish I could go in and out
    Never fuss, Never shout
    Be in peace with myself
    Be with no one else
    In the city
    all alone
    first time by yourself
    you're on your own
    you're sad and ya happy
    Confused, but you're sappy
    New facts of life you're learning
    You own your on Journey

    (Hook) x2