• Nunca soy feliz

    Life goes on without you now,
    so much for you, you were with me,
    but now I guess I'm not to he happy.

    You were so beautiful at first, in and out,
    like the first glance at a snow from the storm,
    but now I guess I'm not to be happy.

    Your friends had turned you to a beast, (one of them)
    But for some reason I saw a beauty... how stupid of me
    but now I guess I'm not to be happy.


    Nunca soy feliz,
    we were once so happy,
    nunca soy feliz,
    now I'm sorry you hate me
    but I cannot lie about the truth to you

    Nunca soy feliz,
    is what I'll mutter in the halls all alone.
    Nunca soy feliz,
    is what I'll say is wrong,
    because it always doesn't always start,
    but it always ends,
    and I don't understand at all

    Nunca soy feliz.

    You lick the blood from my fingers,
    dripping down your tongue like my life,
    always taken, never given
    so I'll keep it up, and try to satisfie,
    even though you're not my type.

    One new guy after the next,
    how complex when all you think of is
    money and clothes,
    a roof over our head although
    all you want is some 'lovin''(sexin')

    Love me or hate me,
    for some reason you date me,
    but just so you know,
    i'm never happy.