• If today is 3 days ago,
    To the power of 8,
    Then the pink cows ego,
    May slightly deflate.

    Naming the waffles
    Joe, Jim, and Cornelius,
    Try being unlawful,
    Since sprinkles will save us.

    The square root of cow pies
    Divided by seven,
    Is colored with red paint
    And legally named Devin.

    The Take 5 theorem,
    Is easy to see,
    Cuz the average conundrum,
    Is answered with 3.

    As Joseph the wondrous,
    Seemingly said,
    The Jedi’s upon us,
    And Doug has no lead!

    Elmo is yellow,
    Or green, maybe blue!
    Don’t argue with Jell-O.
    It will defeat you.

    My conscious if foggy,
    Unclear it would seem.
    But since you can’t see it,
    Wash pigs with iced cream!