• The night before finals is complete heck;
    your mind is not running on a full deck.
    Studying for complete hours on end,
    causing my mind to oddly bend.

    Looking up obscure Spanish words,
    Trying to memorize the table of verbs.
    Greetings and forms of querer encasing my mind,
    Tying English to Spanish; so tightly to bind.
    What's your name? Where are you from?
    Oh man, does it make me feel dumb.

    And Bio Honors? That's a whole 'nother tale,
    facts hitting me till my mind is impaled.
    Glycolysis, The Kreb's Cycle, Electron Transport Chain;
    Studying for Biology is such a pain!
    What's more likely, recessive or dominant?
    Yikes, this stuff makes me wanna vomit!
    What the hay is an oncogene?
    It's not a word I've previously seen.

    There are but 2 of 7 final exams;
    Sorry, got to go, time to cram!