• In and out
    Just peek around
    You stay when you say you're leaving
    But you come and you go like cheeses
    I'm tired of games
    I'm through with pain
    You never gave me what i needed
    All your actions keep repeating
    Your shaking things
    Just like your breaking me apart
    Just when i thought it was over
    Thought that this nightmare was done
    Girl you came back around
    Just when my heartbeat got slower
    You came with the aftershock
    And now your moving the ground
    Back and forthI'm so torn
    As if you break up just to make up
    I don't know if i can take all of this
    Lighting and thunder
    It's pulling me under
    I'm looking for coverStop wasting my time
    It's clouding my mind
    Girl i'm movin forward
    I'm drawing the line
    There's no place to hide
    The scene took the line
    Your out of my liiiiiiiiife