• The last time I saw you,
    Was the last time I would feel,
    The happiness of anyone,
    Because yours was real.

    I may sound like a fool,
    Infatuated with a person like you,
    But please, just please understand,
    Like I know you will always do.

    Baby, without you, snow is cold,
    The lights are too bright,
    Songs keep playing over,
    It gets lonely at night.
    Fire dies out,
    Children are a pain,
    If I get another fruitcake,
    I think I'll go insane.

    Stores are overcrowded,
    I get tired to sing,
    If you were here now,
    I wouldn't notice a thing.

    Now I don't believe in Santa,
    For only one itty bitty reason.
    I wanted you here,
    In this holiday season.