• Everyday.
    The same thing happens.

    Clouded Mind.
    The sudden urge of
    Never breathing.

    Approching her,
    her heart races.
    Eye to eye
    She is almost down.

    She blushes,
    He laughs,
    They talk.

    It's all the same. There's no difference.

    Hoping for yet another meaningless day.
    It is different.

    Is not that same day.

    Feeling as though you shouldn't breathe or you should?

    Now he rushes to the different 'her'
    Feeling as though betrayed.
    Light blue eyes
    In the midst of betrayal.

    There is difference.

    Now he blushes
    to a different body.
    And now she laughs to a new body.

    This is difference.