• I am on a piece of cloud that wavers on the Zephyr's sigh.
    Define loving truly. Forgive me, my mind entwine.
    If daringly the words give meaning to life,
    Then my self included on the edge of a knife.
    Like a petal pulled from an open flower,
    Like a vision that fades slowly by the hour.
    Like the time elapsed in fleeting twilight drowns
    On the open field of wilting sunflowers that dawns.
    Shun hope that keeps the nightmare away,
    In distance roars the path astray.
    In vain I hope for hope that rids each day,
    Where the Huntress slew her prey that pays for its play.
    Shadows burn and fire prowls.
    Oh the folly fool, at last in wretchedness who howls.