• I walked up the stairs,
    And into the light.
    But what I saw,
    Was such a fright.

    I examined the body,
    That lay in such a way.
    The blood kept flowing,
    Away, away.

    I knelt down,
    And touched her face.
    The warmth was all gone,
    The pulse was erased.

    The young woman,
    That laid on the floor.
    Who once was someone,
    Was no more.

    I turned my head,
    To look away.
    What could I say,
    So distant away?

    I touched my face,
    And began to cry.
    My sobbing was mellow,
    And indiscreet.

    I fell to my knees,
    Hair now in my face.
    How could this be real,
    If I'm still breathing?

    I opened my eyes,
    And to my surprise.
    The young woman.
    Was me.