• Have you ever lost
    the sense of love,

    And you felt like you
    just got rid of?

    I have a will to love you
    I have a will to do,

    I have the will to do anything
    but will you?

    I've been dumped, cheated on, broken hearted as well
    But I think you're the real one that awakens me from the spell,

    Your dreams are mine
    just so it seems,

    This must be a sign
    for you and me,

    My ever loving heart has clashed many times before
    but i think once more I'll open up the door,

    Your beauty awakens my heart
    it's attracted my senses,

    I just hope I won't have to pay for the expenses
    You may never seen such a greater love than mine,

    I promise you I'll give you all my time
    Time, hope, and love is all what people need,

    but do people ever understand this to succeed?
    I suppose they don't they must just speed,

    But look at this, the speeding limit is only fifty.