• Sadness Set On Her Face,
    But Hidden Behind A Smile,
    Her Tears Want To Flow,
    But She Lets Out A Giggle And Glow..
    To Everyone::
    She The Friend To Count On,
    The Friend To Lean On,
    The Friend To Go To..
    When Your Troubles Are Worsening::
    Her Arms Are Open,
    Her Heart Is Pure,
    Full Of Love,
    An No Hatred To Appear,
    No Judging ,
    No Screaming..
    But A True Friend Thats Willing To Hear::
    Hear Your Voice,
    Your Thoughts,
    Your Opions ,
    Your Tears..
    Your Fears
    She Gives You That Shoulder To Cry On::
    That Shoulder To Lean,
    That Ear To Hear Your Troubles,
    But In This Kind And Gentle Soul::
    Shes Falling,
    Shes Screaming,
    Shes Drowning..
    Shes Reaching Out But Lost In Her Own Pain::
    Been Threw So Much,
    But Nothing To Gian,
    She Keeps Quite Hoping,
    Hoping All This Pain Will Soon Go Away,
    She Clenches To Her Chest,
    Shes Mumbles A Few Words To Herself,
    * shh it will all be ok *
    She Carries On,
    She Moves On ,
    Giving Her Hand To A New Soul That Reaches,
    Knowing Where They Come From,
    She Opens Her Arms Once More,
    Silencing Her Self,
    To Help Another In Need..