• A freckled face,
    with a smile
    I thought was true,
    but could only hide
    so much

    If only I
    had been there then
    To hug you
    and tell you
    that you were loved

    There was a pretty girl
    Behind the words in the
    a pretty girl behind the grief
    and the pain

    You're kidding, right?
    Not Melinda,
    anyone but Melinda,
    her last words to me
    "See you monday"

    A monday in heaven,
    a monday made for wishing,
    wishing you were here again
    A mixture of denial and hatred
    And so much love
    Why would you leave?

    All I can say now is,
    the past can't be undone
    Your sands of time have stopped
    But your smile is still within me
    Still smiling
    A freckled face