• I tried
    pretending you didn't exist
    I went at it headstrong
    hands in a fist
    I failed
    because you were always there
    On the bus In my dreams
    in class everywhere
    I tried
    hating your guts
    Despising you more
    than anyone ever despised you before
    I failed
    because you're too cute
    too sweet, too funny, damn, you're too YOU
    I tried being your friend
    A passive hello
    or maybe as much as an inside joke
    I failed
    because I can't breathe
    When I am around you
    Much less can I speak
    I tried
    Telling you upfront
    I love you so much
    You're the one that I want
    I failed
    because you don't love me back
    You never will and you never have
    So I cried
    Each tear hurting more
    than the pain bearing tear
    that had come before
    I fell
    My heart giving out
    failing to beat
    cause you broke it, no doubt
    And I wrote
    until my hand was sure
    word after word
    now I can write no more
    I tried
    Everything for you
    but it's all over now
    there's nothing left to do.