• Broken

    A little girl with a blood stained blade on the
    Bathroom floor with a tear stained face.
    The blade pressed down hard on her arm
    She cuts deeply.
    A blood covered arm, a passed out girl.
    As she bleeds you watch her slowly dying on
    The bathroom floor and you do nothing.
    Here lies a dead little girl
    Her heart was in need for the love she never received.
    They never cared enough about her.
    Always putting her down, they never thought it
    Would turn out this way.
    Never once did they apologize for the
    Things they did to her.
    Now she's gone and they will never have a chance
    To say goodbye.
    She's finally away from all the pain that they caused her;
    It's all gone.
    Never again will she have to deal with it.
    Now that she's dead it doesn't matter.
    The world is better off without her.
    Not one person cares that she's gone.