• The lad: Speaks and words convey hereafter.

    Alas I weep -
    'To this thin-skinned throwback of thought, a thick whistier that calls his own tune, to a thankless beauteous youth'.

    Irespected I casts this ripplet -
    'Thee thoughtless naive man-thing, to those theatrics he plays and wraps his company in. Whileat thine voice calls forth the holy Thoth into view and all is well again'.

    My work done this lad fly’s -
    'Whereat that theatrical thonder wanders, without knowing the creatures dough him, whence did cast their collar thang and chain of fear, that bites at the lad and thralls him.

    Given life by thought, A will all to known -
    'To all to after, Here and Thereafter, Mysterious, Theory-laden lad goes. Whose miracles the people will remember forever in rumour, what words did he speak to sow the newly born thrift in the dieing era?’

    My self-descending rhyme –
    ‘Winding back it is sung, all in the air is rung: with Wolfe whine, where I’ll sleep till the end of thyme, While wait for her to waken thee animal.

    I rest.
    ‘I rest’.