• you're the rain on my window,
    the pain in my heart,
    the fleeting lapse in judgement,
    threatening to tear me apart:
    i could say i miss you
    but that'd be a lie
    for who could ever miss
    that which made them cry

    i suppose i could
    in some sick, twisted way
    because in the midst of the crying
    it was a better day
    but now that you're gone
    i see the impact you had
    and to realize has made me....
    kinda, sorta mad

    once upon a time
    you were my life
    despite all the pain
    despite all the strife
    so yeah, i see now
    how weak-willed i was
    that my one true enemy
    was my reason; my because

    but don't get the wrong idea
    now i don't need you back
    it was because of our problems
    that strength i no longer lack
    so i guess i should thank you
    for all the things i was put through
    for with this power i now live
    past, and forward from, you