• Death's Speech

    peaceful sleep
    peaceful time

    until the moment breaks

    intruding greed and grief
    no more peace
    it all erupts
    and evil consumes the air

    no more quiet
    all is shouts

    nothing but fear
    the skies are filled with blood

    torture, screaming
    crying, suffering

    no more peace upon the lands

    no more shelter
    no more hope

    bodies spread over the sands,
    covering what was once beautiful

    each one avoiding being struck to the ground
    but some fight with courage

    the hopeful are soon plunged to their death
    where their brotherin's limp bodies lay.

    fighting for what they believe to be right
    for what they want

    bravery, shattered
    fear for all to smell,
    to sense

    horror, of the truthness of their worst desire

    the time will come for their death,
    they believe this,
    to be their fate

    each one with a crevice
    in their hope

    their destiny now clouded

    By: D.I.R