• A sad little place
    Full of sorrows
    Covered by parties
    And new paved roads.

    The sad little cobblestones
    The sad little river
    The sad little house
    A sad little place.

    Each had a story
    And now is something more
    They've become so sad
    Not the happy things they were.

    The cobblestones once clattered happily
    Now they're sped over
    Angering the drivers
    for the bumpy ride they give.

    The river still gives some happiness
    But it's no longer a source of adventure
    that waters thet flows through it
    Not the same ones that inspired so many

    The house, a symbol of success and wealth
    Now a symbol of fear and death
    It still hosts some parties
    But only for the novelty of what happened there.

    Sadness covered by happiness
    Is it really so?
    We can't change what happened
    It all grew so old.

    Driving out of the city
    I say goodbye to the cobbles
    Goodbye to the river
    Goodbye to the house
    Goodbye to the city