• As I sit
    I think of you
    Feeling guilty
    For loving you
    Days of loneliness
    Days of sorrow
    Days of sadness
    That led to heartache and pain
    In which I think I may never again recover
    Feeling ever so pitiful
    I can't help myself though
    I just can't seem to get over you
    I utterly hate you
    And yet I'm hopelessly infatuated with you
    But I feel like darkness trapped in the dead of light
    No where to hide
    But in itself
    A place where there is no admittance
    Fear seems to feel like home
    Love the enemy
    Am I not worth it?
    Worth you taking admiration of me
    It hurts
    The sight of you in the arms of another
    Do you do it in spite?
    Just make me hurt
    Sometimes I think I might end my time here
    But then
    Back to reality I come
    And back to darkness I return
    It's sick
    How good I feel when I think of death
    Just to rid myself of you
    And it's extremely gruesome
    How I plan your demise
    If only you knew
    My wicked mind is even too much for me at times
    But the just of it is. . .
    It is you
    The one that broke me
    And it will be you
    To know how it feels
    To be stuck here
    Inside my world
    With no ******** way out
    Wanting to be somewhere else
    But not being able to move
    Wanting to feel just the smallest amount of happiness
    And only feeling unwanted
    Wanting to be the only one
    And feeling like the only one left out
    And in the end
    It will be me that saves your soul