• I use to use those pills they prescribed to help me sleep.
    But now the pills are gone…into my body they went…deep…
    The only lullaby I hear now is my own heart beating against my rib cage.
    It rattles inside my empty body…up on this blue stage.
    So alone I am on this stage, in this chair.
    With everyone staring at me…black clothes, black hair.
    What do they think when they see me here.
    Do they even notice this single tear.
    How could they not see this tear of red?
    Running down my arm…etching out what has been said.
    Even as it runs, we grow farther apart.
    You looking away, me listing for my heart.
    But, I don’t hear it anymore and my body is cold.
    Maybe I should have done what they said.
    I can hear them now, these voices inside my head.
    And it’s been a long time.
    Since I lay down and cried…even though I say I’m fine.
    So I step into the cold, where the wind blows.
    And every single tear I’ve cried…shows.