• Heartless

    None unleash the sorrows I weap
    I tremple and let my tears seap
    My wonders to not end these horrors
    As sorrow and mind tricks glores

    I know no strengthing of my mind
    Now shivers were sent down my spine
    As I heard the mind boggling scream
    To those who own a anonomys fein

    I take no breath now and hear no heart beats
    Faint I am as though the life has its cheats
    I say to thee remember me please
    My lifeless thing a zombie I became to please

    Forever I walk the night
    And hope one day the might
    Comes from the end of the world
    But what it beholds
    Is darkness and tradgity
    As another passes away

    My hero gone but anew comes
    I find a love and my hero returns
    The darkness we take
    And the horrors we make

    And as we walk the sky seems vast
    And the years go past
    Til death do we part
    And you know not to break my heart

    But now I say my goodbyes
    And all those silly little lies
    Wash down the drain
    And my tears fall down like rain

    A night hunters deed
    Are simple to eat and breathe
    But now chances are not
    Though I sought the route
    But once again you slipped away
    And my heart starts to rot.