• Beckon forth the Darkness of the heart,
    And deny the Light the stands for us,
    To achieve an eternal body, not a part,
    So all veterans against us call distress.

    For we are Civilization, Peace, and Justice,
    Eternal amongst all beings of Earth,

    Having caused Darkness in the name of peace,
    The Light shall shine its brightest,
    And at the greatest height of expansion, we cease,
    Because the God that guided us has fallen, a man again.

    For we were Civilization, Peace, and Justice,
    Still Eternal amongst all beings of Earth.

    Darkness has overcome us.
    We no longer possess Gods Light.
    We have unleashed a great mess!
    And cannot revive the holy fight.

    For we are Barbarians, War, and Oppression,
    Forever Eternal amongst all beings of Earth.