• As he sat there and lied
    she broke down and cried.
    The feeling of the other girls touch
    the way the boy said he wouldnt do such.
    He kissed her neck and grinned
    The victim had lost, there was no such win.
    She could feel his heart beat in her chest
    her sight was his view of the other girls breast.
    "Love" no longer existed, it died.
    The broken girl had semed to have lost her mind
    As the sounds and images played again and again.
    The boy was just creating a bigger sin.
    Caress her leg, a cut was born.
    The feeling of your heart being torn.
    The pleasure of another's pain.
    The broken girl had lost everything she gained.
    Feeling like she was lost
    the feeling of frost.
    The touch of the dead
    she laid in her bed,
    Waiting for his lies.