• Something beautiful is somehting you can look at an feel peace an happyness.

    Not something you could put a price on,but something you can cherish and

    hold dear for years to come.

    People are beautiful...

    In there own way...

    Always differant,always new.

    Everybody serches for something beautiful.

    And people always find it.

    It can be a flower,a poem,a song,or even a person they hold dear.

    But somethings dont always last.

    Sometimes they die and wither away.

    Then we go serching for something better.

    Something we truely feel as beautiful.

    Some people dont serch for something beautiful though.

    Sometimes they just serch.

    Looking for answers to there questions.

    But how can this be?

    Everyone wants something beautiful.

    Something to make them happy.

    These people already have something beautiful.

    Something to give peace to them.

    Thus they have truely found soemthing beautiful.