• Here comes the end of the wheel were all is gone and all is good
    the wheel of fate takes its final spins to the end of the cycle we all fear
    Its wrath leads us to the end of it all a life to its ends
    leaving a souls loved body behind

    While awaiting your end you see behind what has happened in your life
    This makes its choice if you dicerve to die to soon realize one thing
    only at this time you think for real what you most feel and know
    every one dicerves to die in this world what would lie ahead is horrible

    The loved ones beside is the only right way to die
    this pain you feel is natural when you fear death
    For the loved ones its only natural to cry from loneliness
    as death takes all and we dont understand

    The final breth is acompanied by that one angel we all know
    and angel so dark as to take a life
    the angel of death stretches its arms out to say
    This be the end of your reing