• The moon shines among them
    A bright and comforting glow
    Those who live above dwell within
    Pitying those who live below

    One in particular
    His heart weeped for one in the clouds
    She couldn't come down to him
    For he was lost among the crowds

    On a cold day, she found him
    Sitting alone on the wall
    With him she felt safe
    He stood proud and tall

    They were happy together
    And no matter what it was
    Nothing could seperate them for long
    Their hearts beat together like the wings of doves

    But on a rainy day
    Something didn't feel right
    And when they found out too late
    He was lost to the night

    She weeped for him
    Hid in the dark
    But one morning she heard him
    Clear as the song of a lark

    There behind her in the shadows
    He stood proud and tall
    She took his hand and he took her away
    Vowing to never again let her fall