• A wolves beauty
    is blind to the human eye for yet
    a human does not see a beautiful
    and graceful animal, but instead they
    see a beast ripping the flesh of
    humans and animals.
    In fact we are the beast who
    hunt and kill them. They did not
    do anything wrong, for what they
    do is just try to survive in our
    So for the people who said that
    wolves are man eating beast,
    you are wrong, just because
    a wolf kills an animal does that
    mean we have too kill them?
    When people say wolves, people
    think of a wild dog with blood
    over their teeth and face
    what they should see is a wolf
    with a family and pack of wolves
    to see the pups playing in the grass
    a beautiful animal howling at the moon
    I think its just sad the way people treat
    the wolves, when they hunt them they
    most likely do it for game and that's why
    there are so few left, with the thought
    in my mind that people could hurt a poor
    animal when I see that I see a wolf limping
    to a save spot to lay down and die.
    Just because we what to hunt for game
    or just because we think they are evil,
    should they really have too go through all
    Now tell me what do you think is true, they
    should die or should they live..............