• A fork in the road
    Right ahead of you
    Both options you can't resist

    One path,
    Something that is calling your name
    You were born to take this path
    Your mother did
    Your father did
    Your sister and your brother did

    Everything you have done was based to reach this path
    It is something that runs through your blood
    runs through your family
    Everyone expects you to take this path
    no doubt

    The second path
    Something you have never seen
    It is beautiful
    Like the sunset and clouds of purple
    all of the things you have quietly admired
    things you never quite understood
    but yearned to see,
    waited to face

    You waited for this path
    You didn't expect it to even be there
    be available for you
    you never thought you'd see anything like it
    You're unsure
    Taking this path would be such a gamble, it's nothing you are used to.

    All of your life seems to be waiting behind you
    evaluating you
    the way your teachers did in kindergarten
    You yourself have been waiting

    You take a step
    A step closer to your future
    A step closer to the choice that you face

    Watching the road ahead

    Which do you choose?