• I know there’s more to this than your insane need
    To find a way, just one way to please me;
    It’s never going to happen, not in your lifetime.
    I don’t know why you haven’t given up,
    And I know whatever you do will never be enough,
    But I’m asking, just for your sanity,
    To please, just please go on and give up on me.
    I’m asking this as favor, it’s not punishment,
    I know you can do this with no regrets.
    I can never love you and I know never would,
    I tried it once and my efforts fell through.
    Can’t you see, I want nothing to do with you.
    But let’s be friends,
    In the most platonic way;
    You say it’ll never be enough,
    But it’s this or nothing else, I’m telling you
    I won’t stick around and I won’t fall to my knees on the ground
    And beg you to stay for my sanity;
    Instead I’m begging you to go, I’m asking you please.
    You have no idea what damage you’ve caused to me,
    You’ve made me question everything I’ve held dear in life,
    And now dear, I think it would be best
    If you let this one-sided attraction go to rest,
    Because it’s dead.