• there is a question
    that until now I have faild to see
    and still I turn away frome it
    but it gets brighter and brighter
    as if to get my atention
    until it is a searing white hot flame
    most don't understand it
    and so they sair into ithe flame
    untill they are blind
    so they continue on
    continue life blind and ignorant
    but for those few of us who know it
    it destrios us
    frome the inside out
    ouer lives become meaningles
    and we stand to the side
    watchin the ignorant march on
    whating for the next who can see
    and we comfort them
    our existence is meaningles and therefor painful
    there is onely one place where you can be safe from this pain
    in the arms of the one U love
    and so I run to her
    and holde her
    hopeing and praying
    that she is blind and ignorent