• Don’t ever let me know
    When you’ve made your decision
    I never want to be ready
    Not because I want that feeling of
    That balling knot
    At the back of my tongue
    And the closing of my throat

    Don’t share your happiness
    With me
    Something less
    That is what I want

    A sharp stab to the thigh, maybe?

    I hope you’ll hit an artery
    That first quick rush
    When my blood pulses from the gash
    And pools out onto the floor
    Staining the wood panels
    A precious maroon
    Oh, what an addiction I’ll have
    I promise you
    I wont cry out for help

    I won’t ask you
    To pause my rush
    It’d be too much to bear
    To see your beautiful hands
    Doused in such a hideous thing